Songs for Social Change Contest-2016

social change orange cropped

Early in 2016 we launched the Songs for Social Change Contest.  We received around 350 entries and the songs covered a range of contemporary social issues including: war and peace,  homelessness, bullying, economic disparity, police brutality and more.  We had many good entries, and when we got down to the finalists, one of the judges said “I can’t really pick a winner because they are all good!”  But we did select a winner and they were the group One World Tribe who entered the song “We Are One.” You can listen on the player below.

One World Tribe

The runners-up artists and their songs in alphabetical order are as follows:

Lisa Brigantino, “Used to be a House

Bob Corley, “Song for Belgrade

Kate Diaz, “Down to Earth”

Christina Holmes, “Message for the People

Chloe Jean, “In War

Kai Love, “We Are One (Put Down Your Guns)”

Bill Shotton, “High Wire

George Tifft,Love’s Revolution

We have prepared a special compilation CD including the winning song and the songs of seven runners-up. You can order the CD now by visiting our store.