Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives of RAWA

To promote progressive art and literature , the theme of which is “Art is for Service and Blessedness”, to embody the spirit of human welfare, rather than “Art for art’s sake” or “Art for Lucre”.

To promote the cause of music, dance, sculpture, painting and all other performing arts by establishing and running numerous schools, colleges and academies in different parts of the world thereby introducing a radical change in the concept and quality of music and other fine arts and making it an effective instrument to rejuvenate the noble values of human life and of the society at large.

To propagate Prabhat Samgiita and popularize the songs therein through audio CDs and other media.

To hold concerts, symposia, Kavi Sammelan (poets and intellectuals conference), variety cultural programs and organize cultural teams to propagate the classical music, classical dances, folk music, folk dances and other indigenous cultural mores of the society.

To compose dance-dramas, dramas, poetry, articles, plays on different aspects of human life as well as flora and fauna.

To do research and preserve and popularize different Oriental and Occidental classical tunes and tunes which are dying due to neglect and blend them to elevate human needs

To encourage research on Prabhat Samgiita at different levels in the universities and other institutions and publish the research works in different languages.

To encourage and nurture young writers and artists and also to look after the disabled artists and writers who have dedicated their lives to the cause of Music and Fine Arts.

To publish literature on Music, Fine Arts, Plays, Dramas, Poetry and other intellectual works with a view to promote aesthetic and ancient values.

To setup, equip and maintain Cultural Associations for the promotion of fine arts like Architecture, Literature, Painting, Sculpture, Music etc. through art galleries, museums and auditoriums for general public without any discrimination of caste, colour, gender and creed.

To setup and maintain various forms of institutions for the study and popularization of Oriental and Occidental Classical Music, Dance, Painting, Architecture and Sculpture etc. and undertake any scheme or project for the cultural, intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical benefit of the entire humanity.

To hold competitions in vocal rendering of Prabhat Samgiita, painting, dances and other fine arts, award prizes and certificates for the winners.

To grant stipends, scholarships and prizes to the poor and meritorious candidates in order to help their pursuits in the field of Arts and Literature.

To fight against pseudo-culture, pseudo literature and depraving art and music in any form.